Buying & Selling Property at Auction in Chesterfield

Are you thinking of buying or selling a property at auction in Chesterfield?

Having been successfully selling properties throughout Chesterfield and surrounding areas, for over 40 years, Blundells is the ideal choice of property auctioneers to help you buy or sell a property at auction.

Our experience has provided us with unrivaled knowledge of the area, which means that we can help you to get the best price when selling a property at auction, and the best deal when buying a property at auction.


Selling Property at Auction Chesterfield

Property auctions have become a popular route for many people looking to sell a property in Chesterfield. This is due to the many benefits of property auctions including:

  • Fast selling time - As long as everything runs smoothly, you are typically looking at 8 weeks from instruction to completion when you sell your property at auction.

  • Competitive bidding wars - Due to the smaller selling time frame, buyers have less time to negotiate prices so if there are multiple buyers interested in your property this can cause a bidding war, and can considerably increase the selling price of your property. We have seen properties sell at our auctions for £100,000 over their guide price.

  • Reduced risk of fall-through - When you sell your property at auction, the buyer is required to pay 10% of the selling price on the day. This means that there is less chance that the sale will fall through.

  • Quick payment - As above, 10% of the overall selling price must be paid, by the buyer, on the day of auction. The remaining amount is required to be paid within 28 days following the auction, so there is no waiting for months for payment to be arranged.


If you are thinking of selling your property at auction in Chesterfield please get in touch with our team of property auctioneers today to arrange a free market appraisal.


Buying a Property at Auction Chesterfield

Whether you’re a property investor, are looking for a project property, or are just looking for a great deal on a new home, buying a Chesterfield property at auction could be the best solution for you

If you’re thinking of buying a property at auction in Chesterfield, you can search our website to see if there are currently any available properties listed, or contact us today and we can send you a copy of our latest catalogue, showing all properties available at our upcoming auctions.

If you have never bought a property at auction before, please see our guide to buying at auction where we have provided a breakdown of the buying process and what you will need to know / do before bidding on a property at auction.

If you have any questions, or have found an auction property you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced property auctioneers today who are here to answer any queries and help you through the buying process.


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