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Results from our March 2020 auction!

Our 5th March sale saw a packed room snap up 70% of lots sold, raise £2.4m for our clients.

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Join our Team!

Auction Coordinator - Sheffield

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article new decade

Welcome to 2020, a New Year and a New Decade!

The last decade, the 1920s were the Roaring Twenties. The First World War was over, economies were growing and, across Europe and America, people felt free to have fun. Fast forward to now and the last decade which has seen everything from a global financial slump to a golden time of national confidence with the London Olympics and a royal wedding or two - and much of which was all before the word Brexit even existed or anyone had ever heard of Veganuary!

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So onto my final auction for 2019...

To date we have sold over 9 million pounds worth of lots in my auction rooms in 2019, in a declining property market, talk of austerity and slow economic growth in property, a general election and with Brexit looming or not looming (I’m not sure anyone knows at the moment!) this is a superb success story, one of which I’m very proud to be a part of.

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Autumn the best season of the year has arrived, well in my eyes anyhow…

However we are not mentioning the 'B' word! At the time of going to print the nation is still a little unsure if it will or won’t happen so instead we are happy to mention the 'B' for Blundells instead!

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Summer 2019 has been a sizzler!

No more so than our July sale which saw 2.4million pounds of property exchanging hands in around an hour and a sold rate on the day of 74%. With post auction sales after the auction this is now closer to 95% and in fact we have 0 lots left from any previous sales!

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Summer Has Arrived!

We’ve already had record temperatures and seen record events hit the headlines. So Brexit didn’t happen did it, June’s tenant fee ban did, a controversial new royal baby name causes split opinions, we had a visit from a not so popular Head of State and a new Prime Minister which ‘May’ or ‘May’ not have happened by the time this auction arrives!

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Spring has sprung in the world of Auctions...

What a marvellous start to the year it’s been! We’ve been super busy here at auctions both in the office and out and the feedback we have had from the March sale has been great. We sold 94% of the lots with 1.87 million pounds of property selling and some very spirited bidding in the room.

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Welcome to 2019!

We’ll try in our first auction of the year to avoid the 'B' word! Will we? Wont we? Backstop? No backstop? Referendum on a referendum? Who only knows!! So many unknowns at this time but one thing I do know is we have a belter of a catalogue lined up and some incredible 'not to be missed' lots.

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Blundells rebrand boosts property sales

blundells Property Auctions held its second property auction of the year this week. However, the auction was the first of 2017 with the auction house’s new branding.

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